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Ridewall is the first free ride sharing hub designed for college students. We are not out there driving, but we are doing everything we can to make sure you can find rides and make money with the people around you. The idea behind it is that if you need to find a ride somewhere then you can simply request that someone drive you to that location on that day for a few dollars. If you are already going to drive to a place and you will have open room in your car then you should post it on! You may be going to a place where others near you need to go and they will pay you for letting them ride with you. We have a messaging system so you can meeet these people before you ever even get in the car with them. You can now visit that one spot or school you've been thinking of but haven't had the car or funds to do it! It is also a nice fact that since each account is connected with a .edu account you can trust that every person on the website has something in common with you and could even become a friend.